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Propietari del vehicle

  • Permís de circulació verificat
  • Inspecció tècnica verificada

Furione - USER GUIDE

🚐💨 Drive

1. Before turning on, pull the pre-heat knob; press it when the engine in on to put it back.

2. The battery light stays on; you have to give a shot of the accelerator to activate the alternator and charge both batteries (service and engine).

3. The gearbox is “reversed”; first gear is down and the gear pattern is on the knob. For reverse, press the lever downwards and move the rod as per the diagram on the knob.

4. Engine temperature gauge 🌡 always stays below half. If it climbs more than halfway (it can happen during long uphill stretches) it is advisable to stop and let the engine rest. 👉🏻 In order not to overheat the engine, avoid pulling the uphill gears too much to put a higher gear and having to put a lower gear after a few tens of meters; who goes Slow and steady wins

🧘🏻‍♀️ happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.

5. Watch out for tight turns at parking lots. The van is long and you risk hitting the side.

🍝 Kitchen

1. Use the yellow master knob located inside the kitchen door to open/close the gas. VERTICAL = open | HORIZONTAL = closed. There are 2 red knobs. The one BELOW manages the refrigerator while the one ABOVE manages the stove. HORIZONTAL = open | VERTICAL = closed Stove knobs work just like at home. Keep pressed for a few seconds after lighting the fire.

❄️ To turn on the gas refrigerator, turn the knob to 'max', hold down and simultaneously press the spark button repeatedly until you see the blue flame in the refrigerator. If you are attached to 220v simply flip the switch to the 🔌 symbol

2. 🚰 Move the switch up to give power to the WASHBASIN. To activate the water, use the pedal placed inside the door; you use less water and your hands remain free. The drain is on the ground so be careful how much, where and how you use it. 🍀 To fill the water tank, use the nozzle on the side of the van and the hose found under the bench.

💩 toilet

1. Before using the toilet, open the trapdoor by pulling the handle on the front.

2. To change the waste water, use the container with the blue cap. Add a glass of disintegrating liquid and 2 liters of water. The flush water is 20 liters and should be enough for the holiday. In the case, it is loaded from the large white cap; add half a plastic cup of the sanitizing liquid with the green cap. The bathroom must be left clean when you end your holiday.

🔥 night heating

Press the central button on the right of the monitor to turn on, 🔼 to increase the temperature, 🔽 to decrease. I recommend leaving it at a minimum so as not to be in the tropics after 2 minutes; The heater runs on diesel so be careful not to turn it on when you're on reserve

⛺️ penthouse

When you close the pop top roof tent, roll up the canvas well to prevent it from being pinched to the sides or by the opening handle, risking cutting it. The thermal cover fastens with press studs on the front and locks on the back with the supplied cord. 👉🏻 Highly recommended when it rains.

🚿 shower

Open the tailgate and use the switch on the black sticker 🤙🏻. ⚠️ Remember to withdraw the shower before closing the tailgate.


‼️ SOS ‼️

Under the bench you will find:

• Warning triangle

• Cricks

• Electric blower

• Cables for bridging

Power bank to start the engine without making a bridge

• Wrench for the wheel. The spare wheel hangs under the front of the van. It opens with the number 13 wrench supplied in the tool bag.


📞 800327605

☎️ from abroad +39 0224128391


☺️ ENJOY!!!

Take lots of photos and videos remembering to tag @vintagevan_adventures

Inclòs en el lloguer amb Yescapa

  • Assegurança multirisc per al vehicle i els seus ocupants
  • Assistència en carretera 24/7
  • Pagament segur
  • Assistència en cas d'anul·lació

Places llit

Llits 1
Llit sostre elevable185x200 cm
Llits 2
Seients convertibles en llits150x190 cm


  • Portabicicletes
  • Nevera
  • Kit vaixella
  • Kit de neteja
  • Ràdio
  • Entrada d'audio / iPod
  • Calefacció
  • Calefacció habitacle
  • Dutxa exterior

Característiques tècniques

  • Model: Westfalia T3 Westfalia
  • Posada en circulació: 1982
  • PMA: 2.400 kg
  • Altura: 1,85 m

Condicions del propietari

  • Fiança gestionada per Yescapa: 2.000 € o l'import màxim de la franquicia de l'assegurança
  • Km addicional: 1,00 € per km addicional
  • Viatjar a l'estranger : Autoritzat
  • Animals a bord : Sota sol·licitud
  • Vehicle per a fumadors : No autoritzat

Condicions d'anul·lació

Les modalitats de remborsament varien en funció de la data d'anul·lació de la reserva.


  • Cost de neteja25,00 € per lloguer

Propietari del vehicle

  • Identitat certificada
  • Davide
  • Membre des del abril de 2023
  • Taxa de resposta: 100 %
  • Idiomes parlats: Anglès, Itàlia
  • Lloguers efectuats: 9

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Lloc de recollida

L'adreça exacta d'estacionament serà disponible un cop confirmada la reserva.

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