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Leandro javier

Leandro javier

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  • Permís de circulació verificat
  • Inspecció tècnica verificada

Welcome to all adventure lovers, travel enthusiasts, and free spirits! Today, we present a fantastic opportunity to experience an unforgettable journey in contact with nature: the rental of the legendary 1986 VW T3 Westfalia, lovingly known as 'The Gordito.'

Yes, you heard it right! You're about to embark on an authentic icon of hippie-style travel. This vehicle has traversed decades of roads, taking its passengers to breathtaking landscapes, pristine beaches, and thrilling adventures. And now, it's ready to welcome you and embark on an extraordinary journey.

Imagine waking up surrounded by birds chirping, with a fresh breeze caressing your face. As you open your eyes, you'll see a panoramic window overlooking an idyllic landscape. Yes, because the VW T3 Westfalia will offer a unique experience, allowing you to enjoy spectacular views from your bed.

But that's not all! This vehicle has everything you need to make the most of your journey. Gas stove, refrigerator, sink, and even a cozy seating area, perfect for relaxing and sharing stories with fellow travelers or enjoying a cup of coffee or herbal tea when you wake up. You'll experience the pleasure of a simple and carefree life, where breathtaking sunsets and new friendships represent the luxury you'll make along the way.

Traveling in hippie style isn't just about enjoying the journey and being inspired by the freedom to explore unique places. With 'The Gordito,' you can leisurely reach those hidden gems, far from traditional tourist destinations, and live authentic adventures. The roads will be your stage, and you'll be the main actors in a journey that will change you forever.

Whether you desire leisurely walks along the seashore, immersing yourself in lush forests, or conquering majestic mountains, the VW T3 Westfalia will be your perfect travel companion.

Don't wait any longer! Embrace your free spirit and your thirst for adventure, and join us for a truly unique travel experience. 'The Gordito' awaits you, ready to take you into a world of discovery, joy, and surprises.

Inclòs en el lloguer amb Yescapa

  • Assegurança multirisc per al vehicle i els seus ocupants
  • Assistència en carretera 24/7
  • Pagament segur
  • Assistència en cas d'anul·lació

Places llit

Llits 1
Seients convertibles en llits 120x190 cm
Llits 2
Llit sostre elevable 130x200 cm


  • Nevera
  • Kit vaixella
  • Direcció assistida
  • Ràdio
  • Entrada d'audio / iPod
  • Calefacció
  • Dutxa exterior
  • WC portàtil
  • Plaques per cuinar

Característiques tècniques

  • Model: Westfalia T3
  • Posada en circulació: 1986
  • PMA: 2.800 kg
  • Altura: 5 m

Condicions del propietari

  • Fiança gestionada per Yescapa: 2.000 € o l'import màxim de la franquicia de l'assegurança
  • Km addicional: 0,35 € per km addicional
  • Viatjar a l'estranger : Sota sol·licitud
  • Animals a bord : Sota sol·licitud
  • Vehicle per a fumadors : Sota sol·licitud

Condicions d'anul·lació

Les modalitats de remborsament varien en funció de la data d'anul·lació de la reserva.

Propietari del vehicle

Leandro javier
  • Identitat certificada
  • Leandro javier
  • Membre des del juny de 2023
  • Taxa de resposta: 100%
  • Idiomes parlats: itàlia, espanyol, anglès, francès

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